1. I don’t even know if I can process tonight’s Rookie Blue finale.

    I’m actually a mess right now and it’s been quite some time since I’ve written up a flail-y post for this show, so I’m gonna start with some of the good things:

    • Oliver. Oliver is always a good aspect of the show, so obvious point is obvious. He and Celery are so precious, does anyone even think otherwise? (Don’t tell me if you do!)
    • Chris being the supportive best friend that he just is. I’m so glad that he’s back and that he and Gail have their unique friendship again.
    • LUKE. And his face. Sorry, still a Luke fangirl, and I’m super happy he got a teensy bit more emotional range this week (Shock! Frustration! Exasperated incredulity!) While I would much prefer that he stay on in larger capacity than simply crossing his arms and running through files or the board, I’m glad that they haven’t dropped him completely.
    • The Traci and Andy hug at the end! They haven’t seen each other much this season, have they? Such a small gesture, but it just solidifies the idea that they are there for each other. Aaaand, now, unfortunately I’m taken back the cry fest that was last season’s finale. ;_;

    And now, the spoilery stuff:

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  2. Guys. When Jordan asked Nathan if Audrey was really just his partner…

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  3. clairebearnz answered your question: As for the “Who is the Colorado Kid” theory…

    An alternate reality….? I do agree with you though. I’m a bit worried that the Haven mythology hasn’t been planned out, but we shall see…

    Done correctly, I might be able to believe something like that. I often feel like Haven knows how to work the individual aspects (the character development, quirks, and relationships are probably my favorite thing on this show) really well, but the broad scope sometimes gets lost. I mean, there are really great moments in episodes that should be, for all intents and purposes, below par.

    Season two’s “Love Machine” comes to mind; despite the lol!worthy “machines getting upset and getting their revenge,” we were given the poignant “Your Song” piano scene, and the heartbreaking ordeal with Audrey Two (Original Audrey?). Not to mention that a major theme of the episode hinges on the concept of choosing the welfare of others instead of the happiness of oneself, something that our main characters constantly have to face.

    I apologize for this rambling response! This show is too much for me haha

  4. Haven “301”

    This episode absolutely delivered. While I can’t say if it would cater to someone who had never seen the show before, I felt that many of the pertinent questions were answered, i.e.

    • "Where’s Audrey?"
    • "Will the stuff with the Colorado Kid come back?"
    • "Are Duke and Nathan gonna beat each other up more, please say yes?"
    • and… “Will Adam Copeland still have the ridiculous, but totally fitting because he’s a badass, credit as ‘WWE Superstar Edge’?”

    I’m happy.

    Everyone brought their A game, especially Emily Rose; ugh, that scene in the basement when she’s trying to cut the ropes? ;_; Audrey is constantly fighting a battle by herself and in that moment, despite not being technically alone and given the interpersonal progress she’s made in the town, visually she was stranded- she felt that and she broke my heart.

    However, the Duke/Nathan scenes may have been my favorite because, superficial reasons aside, their history is so fucked up and it’s going to get so much more complicated and interesting this season, I cannot wait!

    I’m aware that this commentary is lacking in meaty, season-centric curiosities, but a rewatch is in order before I delve into that. 

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  5. Haven Fandom, I love you.

    I haven’t been on tumblr in so long, so I haven’t been able to follow the #havensyfy tag, but I’m catching up today… So many pretty graphics and gifs, and oh my god the commentary in the tags is giving me life!

    I’m so excited for the premiere tonight!

  6. Simultaneously shipping Daphne/Jeff the Chef and Daphne/Scuba* IDGAF.

    *I dunno if I trust you IMDB…

  7. andyswarek:

    The fact that Tassie and the rest of the writers are supposedly getting hate on twitter is seriously pissing me off.

    D: While I understand that tonight’s events were upsetting, reactions like this made directly to the creative team are unreasonable. The fact that the fandom is a crying mess right now is a testament to great writing.

  8. Rookie Blue 3x09 “Out of Time”

    Goddammit Rookie Blue.

    All I wanted was to enjoy inarticulate/hormonally-driven glee at the return of Eric Johnson (i.e. thinking thoughts like “Holy smokes, you look so damn good, even as a bearded hipster in that blue flannel print shirt.”), but you pull that on me??

    I need time to process.

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  9. Eureka “Just Another Day”

    Considering this finale was conceived, planned, and shot in just a few weeks, it was pretty much a perfect farewell. It’s a fun love letter to the fans and the lack of melodrama made everything that much more emotional for me. “Just Another Day” is such a bittersweet title because this episode’s simplicity just proves how wonderful the show has always been; the action, humor, and character development have always been consistent. (COMCAST, have you no hearts? How could you?!)

    • Vincent’s emotional state mirrors the fandom’s. This reminds me, I’m still sad I didn’t go to Comic-Con the year they had Cafe Diem.
    • SO HAPPY they let Erica Cerra’s hair down in this episode.
    • Grant Imahara! For whatever reason, this cameo made me super emotional (I think it had something to do with the fact that this show was very much on the geek / pop culture radar and it’s cancellation made no sense).
    • Holly’s wardrobe is so adorable. Few people can pull off that mustard color.
    • I’m really happy that Larry was still as involved all through to the end- and eating! Always eating. <3 haha
    • Fargo’s speeches. The budget issues,  “six more weeks- jk!”, “we dream big; it’s something worth fighting for”, “we made you what you are”. ;_;
    • I am going to miss Colin Ferguson’s perfect reactions and Carter’s unintended innuendos. “Fargo’s strong thing!”

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  10. Good lord, Hal’s smile when he teases Maggie and says “Okay, Margaret”?

    #Swoon #Goddamn #ActuallyDead

  11. I just watched the pilot of Saving Hope and, while I do have some issues with it, it&#8217;s a pilot so I&#8217;ll give it a chance and keep watching because I love Erica Durance.
But can we talk about this abuse of lens flare? I mean, I understand that it creates an ~afterlife~ effect, but&#8230; my eyes. Is this somehow J.J. Abrams production that I don&#8217;t know about?

    I just watched the pilot of Saving Hope and, while I do have some issues with it, it’s a pilot so I’ll give it a chance and keep watching because I love Erica Durance.

    But can we talk about this abuse of lens flare? I mean, I understand that it creates an ~afterlife~ effect, but… my eyes. Is this somehow J.J. Abrams production that I don’t know about?

  12. Holy smokes, the Legend of Korra season finale actually brought tears to my eyes.

    God, everything went from absolutely tragic to completely poetic. All the feels!

    Spoilers under the cut:

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  13. While there were not enough three-piece suits for my liking (LBR there are never enough), this episode fucking delivered.

    The extent of my delight at the return of Suits is probably incredibly inappropriate… and it shows in my inability to articulate my thoughts:

    • Thank you Aaron Korsh for the mad amount of second-hand embarrassment in the opener. Oh lord, Mike.
    • Harvey, “My merger… Your panic attack.”
      Mike, “Your compassion.”

      Aside from this continuing motif of the hand scale… ugh, Harvey’s fucking side smile at Mike’s comeback- he plays it with such subtlety! Stop being so suave!
    • OMG what? Lavender? Harvey has a color for his older-brother protectiveness?!?!
    • Donna, “Why was he so dazed?”
      Harvey, “I told him i was proud of him.”
    • Harvey and Donna’s EVERYTHING.
    • Donna and Rachel. I love their relationship SO MUCH. Also, everyone’s hair is looking fabulous.
    • I will never get tired of hearing “goddamn” on this show. NEVER.
    • Jessica, “We’re at a funeral and you’re quoting Highlander?”

      I love how much Harvey’s nerdiness comes out a little bit at a time. I would not be surprised if he became interesting in law because of Harvey Dent. WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED.
    • Mike’s doe eyes. I’m just dead.

    I’m so happy that we have 16 episodes this season!

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  14. I just saw someone on twitter say that Haven (Syfy) was a boring show, primarily because s/he doesn’t like Nathan and his dullness.


    Especially since he’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean he: loves pancakes; explores all these weird hobbies involving the other four senses (LIKE DECOUPAGING- it makes the colors stand out!) to compensate for his “idiopathic neuropathy”; has a proclivity towards maintaining passive aggressive relationships with people he dislikes (with Duke, his father); drives the same car since he was in his teens because he doesn’t go driving off of cliffs; loves Groundhog Day, but not as much as another Bill Murray movie; likes to fuck during and after meteor showers…

    Basically, quite an interesting man.

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  15. While tonight’s episode of Rookie Blue suffered from a severe lack of Eric Johnson, it was such a solid season premiere.

    "Solid" as in:

    • Perfect for new viewers coming in- full of action as well as heart. I suppose a William Shatner guest spot didn’t hurt. But he was so good!
    • Wasn’t terribly reliant on what happened at the very end last season. I mean, obviously, it set up the first scene, but this was still a case-of-the-day episode.
    • Full of twists (except I totally knew the neighbor was a creeper!).
    • … and finally, the relationships were all established in a concise manner. A quick mention here (Traci calling Jerry her boyfriend, Frank and Noelle), an authoritative action given here (Ollie showing his authority by keeping Sam and Andy in check).

    Also, while it needs no mentioning to RB fans, this show does such a fantastic job RE: Bechdel test, so…  attention anyone who wants to watch a show with awesome women, who are actually friends and are supportive of each other, Rookie Blue is the show to watch.

    And the boys are adorable too. DIAZ, I am not surprised you were chosen as the face of the precinct! Never stop being adorable. Honorable mentions to Det. Barber for being too keen to know when Sam isn’t alone and Ollie for being the perpetual dad of the group.

    More, slightly spoiler-y for the end of last season (I guess?) under the cut:

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