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    It’s been just hours since Lydia announced that they would be continuing on from a brief hiatus, and PropertyOfZack could not be more proud to post our brand new interview with Leighton Antelman. Leighton and I discussed the tale-spin of Lydia’s run towards their hiatus, reasons for the hiatus, continuing on with the band, new music from Lydia, Leighton’s project with Matt Malpass called The Cinema, touring, and more. It’s absolutely one of the best interviews we’ve ever done for the site, so be sure to read it and catch up on everything you might not know!

    Things have been semi-quiet with you the last few months as you’ve been recording, but before that you were putting a rest to Lydia. Assailants was released over the summer with the pretense of it being the last record. How was the reception to it?
    I mean, I think it was good. The farewell tour we did was amazing. I think if you ask most Lydia fans they’re going to say Illuminate is their favorite record; I don’t know why, but for some reason that record has a cult following. I think the reaction to the final release was good overall.

    I think many people had fears going into it with the loss of Mindy and her not being replaced, but I also think people were blown away with the release once it came out. Did you see a similar thing?
    I think they had an open mind. It’s hard to say. When it comes down to it, it’s weird because Mindy left the band and right before we went on the last tour Steve left the band as well. In the general public, I might have like an asshole type of reputation or something, but different things happened that were out of my control. I was probably 80% of the writing for everything for vocals and music, so it was the same type of formula with me and Craig doing a lot of the writing. I think people were pretty open to it.

    The songs on Assailants seemed to be much more personal lyrically than prior releases. Is that definitely true? And was it hard for you to put that all out there knowing it would be the last thing released under the Lydia name?
    No, I don’t think it was. There’s always a bit of fear when you release a record to the general public and the world because you obviously like it because you did it, but you never know how it’s going to be taken. For example, I personally don’t like our first record, This December. I can’t even go back and listen to it. I get emails all the time about people asking if they can get the record because they love it so much and because it’s only on eBay for $100. There’s always a little fear and whatnot. I guess I kind of just go with what I’m doing at the time and not try to think about how it’s going to be received or reacted to.

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